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We are here to give you the time you deserve. You’ll be surrounded by an inviting setting, relax in a comfortable chair, with the LUXO NAIL SPA Team on hand to ensure you have the most rewarding treatment! At LUXO, we have carefully curated and sourced each product to bring you the most hygienic and plant-based ingredients that are cruelty free. We chose BIAB The GelBottle manicure products & Voesh New York pedicure products because both brands are not only 100% vegan, PETA approved, dermatologist tested, and mineral oil free but they also provide clean, conscious, and efficacious spa products for beauty professionals as well as safe and enjoyable spa experiences to customer without sacrificing their own health. Our very own brand, LUXO PURE BEAUTY oil is a pure mixture of Moroccan oil, Hemp Extract, Aloe Vera, botanical extract and mineral oil free. You’ll be welcomed by LUXO NAIL SPA’s friendly team to answered any questions/concerns you might have and made sure you have a pleasant experience!


Welcome to our realm of indulgence at LUXO NAIL SPA, where we prioritize giving you the luxury of time you truly deserve. Picture yourself in a serene ambiance, nestled in a plush chair, while the attentive LUXO NAIL SPA Team orchestrates an experience that goes beyond the ordinary.
At LUXO, we've meticulously curated and selected products that not only pamper but also prioritize your well-being. Our commitment to hygiene and ethical choices is evident in our selection of BIAB The GelBottle manicure and Voesh New York pedicure products. Both brands boast a 100% vegan, PETA-approved, dermatologist-tested, and mineral oil-free pedigree. Beyond being ethical powerhouses, they deliver spa products that are both clean and efficacious for beauty professionals, ensuring that your spa experience is not only enjoyable but also a guilt-free indulgence.
And there's more – introducing our very own creation, LUXO PURE BEAUTY oil. A harmonious blend of Moroccan oil, Hemp Extract, Aloe Vera, botanical extracts, and completely devoid of mineral oil. This unique formulation reflects our dedication to providing you with a truly enriching and wholesome spa experience.
Our friendly team at LUXO NAIL SPA is here to greet you warmly, answer any questions or concerns you may have, and ensure that your time with us is not just pleasant but also a rejuvenating escape. Step into a world where luxury meets conscientious care – your journey to indulgence begins here!

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